Are you ready for a more creative, happy life?

My name is Ellen Hopkin and I run Faith In Fabric, an independent business that allows me to sell my stuff. I create mixed media art and prints, mainly using free motion embroidery, watercolours and ink.

I've used creativity in so many forms over the years to help me find my identity, in myself and in God and I hope that you can use this space to find something for yourself. It is in fact a proven way to strengthen mental health and help ease depression.

'But I can't draw! I can't sew! I only did a bit of recorder in primary school and I can barely put a jigsaw puzzle together!'


Creativeness isn't exclusive to the arts and i hope you enjoy exploring where yours lies through the guests I interview and the themes that we explore. 


Imposter syndrome is a huge deal and it's taken (and is taking) me time to grow out of falling into the comparison trap. Creativity is really very personal and an expression of who you are and often, how you want to talk to Jesus. Here I hope you'll find space to discover your own creative language and grow in both confidence, happiness and faith.


Are you ready?

Let's go.

Hand Holding Camera Lens
Pots and Pans
School Notebook